Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Back to Work

For those of you who follow me, you already know that I've been on something of an hiatus. I'm sorry. I know you are waiting for the sequel. Real life happened and the process of writing switched up. Spread, actually, like the sprawl that is L.A.

That is over. I'm settling in for a long winter of focus and back-on-track. I'm dealing with the ugly stuff first -  the business stuff. The, I'd rather be writing, stuff. The necessary evil.

I'm in the process of switching distributors to Ingram. Both print and Kindle will go out through them and thus, you will find both the kindle and print editions together on Amazon and other book sellers. That was a problem before and I thank all of you who persevered in your search. First day with the new shoes, and all that.

So, the text of Girl Found has gone back through more editing. The story hasn't changed. A few of the sentences have been polished. A new distributor means new ISBN and therefore, new cover. So your fun task of the day is to help me choose the new one. These submissions were created by I love that they didn't ask me for stock photos or input at all really. They just went to work and in less than two weeks, sent me five options for my review and input. These are not carved in stone. Suggestions are welcome.

Now, for the covers.



So, five options. Mouse over for the number - and thanks for your input :)
Next time we talk, I'll let you in on what shenanigans have been afoot.