Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Halfway Hunted, by Terry Maggert. Halfway Witchy, book three

Carlie could happily make waffles for the folks of Halfway all day, but her personal life, and her after-hours work, keep getting in the way. Her heart yearns for Wulfric, her half-vampire lover who sacrificed himself for her. She can feel him near the forest's edge. See those glowing red eyes on her as he watches. Carlie has spent a year searching for a cure to their dilemma, and she's so close.

No pleas for help come through her mail slot this full moon, but she awakes to a friend with a curiosity. A male curiosity by the name of Exit. Seems someone pulled a Rip VanWinkle on him and now Exit is a man out of time, wandering about Halfway in the deepest part of winter with nowhere to go.

Fear not, weary traveler - Carlie and Gran will come to your aid. Their search for the warlock who rendered Exit into a hundred year sleep will lead Carlie to an opportunity she's waited a year for, and yet, must not take. Not if she values her own life.

This is my favorite Witchy book yet. I don't give out five stars fleetingly. I reserve them for stories I cannot put down. Tales that capture the imagination and the heart and promise to haunt the mind until the last page is read. Halfway Hunted is one of those books. Best one of the series yet, maybe even the best book he's ever written.

You need to read the series to get the full impact. If you're a urban fantasy fan, don't miss this series.

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