Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Halfway Bitten

Bodies are turning up in Halfway, and that’s not okay. Not just because this little tourist town nestled in the depths of the Adirondacks is a slice of heaven with waffles, but because this is Carlie’s territory. Her family has lived in Halfway for generations, using their magic to protect the people here from all manner of creepies that lumber and dart in the dark.

And now it seems Carlie is failing in that mission. Something is hunting in her town. That is not allowed.

First on her list of suspects is the traveling circus that’s landed in Halfway. Clowns that are never out of costume. Odd atmosphere of power she can’t put her finger on. Something doesn’t feel right. Enlisting the aid of her gran, Carlie begins investigating. As the corpse count begins to increase, the stakes—literal ones—are raised, forcing Carlie and her gran to take on a power older than both of them.

This is book two of the Halfway series. Carlie is still the witch with the best waffles in town and a love of helping those around her. Gran steps up to the plate in a major way this time around, introducing Carlie to the ghostly past of Halfway and even more of her own gifts. As always with a Maggert story, history comes to bear. I normally enjoy this, (and I didn’t not enjoy it this time,) but I did feel it was a weakly developed plot line, as was the romance between Carlie and Wulfric. Our historic n’er-do-well appears and then she’s gone. Poof!

What I’m trying to say, is that I didn’t get a strong sense of attachment to her as the villain throughout this story. There is a villain. Something villainy and wrong is happening in Halfway, but the actions are attached to a shadowy figure and when she’s disclosed, that’s it. Anticlimactic.

We won’t talk about what happened to Wulfric at the end. Suffice to say, a good man is hard to find, and even harder to hang on to. Overall, the romance between Carlie and Wulfric was pretty much anecdotal. He didn’t make much of an appearance in this one until nearly the end. She met him the first book. The potential for a relationship was hinted at, but we never get to see the initial steps, and I think we should have. I feel cheated. Where’s the rest of their story?

Okay, so we did talk about it.

That said, all the things I’ve come to love and expect about the Halfway series were there. Carlie is the kind of person you could imagine living next door to. Gran reminds me of Gran from the Sookie Stackhouse stories, except she’s magical. Drinking tea at her house means you get more than a relaxing cuppa. The magical and paranormal elements of the story are well done and woven into the setting of the novels in such a way that they feel as natural as the forest depths of the Adirondacks that Halfway is set in.  

Halfway Hunted is next. Won’t be missing it.

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