Thursday, June 9, 2016

Indexing by Seanen McGuire

For those of you who have been following along, it's summer time. For me, that means yard work and long walks and gardening and audiobooks. Audiobooks are something I latched on to a couple years back and now they rule my life. Be very careful if you start down this road, because they literally go everywhere with you. Cleaning house? Audiobook. Driving? Shopping? Definitely an audiobook experience ready to happen.

So here's my latest listen. Indexing by Seanen McGuire.

Henrietta Marchen works for the ATI, a branch of the government that keeps fairytales from turning our world inside out. With the help of her team, they respond to incidents of stories ready to burst through and go full Grim on us.

This was an audio 'read', so a lot of the poor writing issues others seem to have experienced, didn't exist for me. The characters came across as very realistic inside the world McGuire built. I love Sloan. Love. Her. Who wouldn't? She's an honest to goodness wicked sister who says all the things we'd like to come Monday morning. Just don't eat the donuts she brings to the office.

Following the world build is easier if you don't think about it too hard. If you want to get all logical about fairytale incursions, be my guest. I chose not to. What I did not care for, (and after finding out this began as a serialized kindle story, it becomes understandable) was that in the beginning when the author would switch from 1st person pov, where the investigation took place, to third person POV, to let the reader in on what was happening inside the fairytale in progress, the time lines didn't flow like they should.

I don't care for stories that shift between 1st and 3rd, and I also don't like shifting back and forth between timeframes. The process was choppy at the beginning, but smoothed out toward the end, developing a pattern that made sense. I wondered why the front didn't match. Now I know. I made up with the 1st to 3rd shifts, as they do serve a really good purpose and, toward the end, were accomplished to better effect. I still wonder why the entire story hasn't been better edited.

Seeing the improvement though, I would pick up the next book, on audio.

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