Friday, June 3, 2016

Hard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy

Mutations abound in the world built by Steven Campbell. Hank’s mutation? He’s hard to kill, as in, really hard to kill. He’s tough and strong and the one the crime lords of Belvaille call when they need their point made.

But Hank does just as much verbal negotiating as he does beating down a target. It’s easy for him. You just look at what is at stake and search for the compromise everyone involved can live with. And nobody wants Hank mad at them. That helps.

Life in Belvaille has established its own rhythm over the years. Centuries, for Hank. He knows where everything stands, including himself—and then this blue girl shows up. She wants drugs. A lot of them. Hank can get them, and he does. Then he finds out those drugs aren’t for her, but for her level ten mutant brother. Which leaves Hank in the middle when the galaxy forces show up to take him back into custody.

I loved this story. I found it a bit sophomoric in places, but deliciously so. Hank is a fun character. The action never stops and Hank, being Hank, lives through all of it. He’s got a knack for that, it seems. This is number one in a series I will be continuing.

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