Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An Uninvited Ghost by E.J. Copperman

It's the opening week of Alison Kerby's seaside Bed But Not Breakfast Guesthouse and she's packed. A tour group of retirees interested in sighting ghosts, (that would be Alison's roommates), are ready to have their senses challenged. On the first day of the ghost show, an unexpected specter arrives. It seems Paul has been advertising his P.I. business on the 'ghosternet' and this is his new client. A blind ghost.

Scott MacFarlane was tricked into frightening an old lady and now he wants to make sure she's all right. Can Alison and Paul find her? He can't spend eternity wondering.

To keep the resident ghosts 'haunting' for the guests, Alison takes the job, largely because Paul can't leave the house. She finds the old woman. She's a prominent member of the town, a wealthy woman with a taste for the otherworldly. Would she like to come to the séance tonight? Oh would she.
And then she's killed in Alison's house, surrounded by the tour group and a bunch of new arrivals, the cast and crew of a reality tv show.

This is my second Copperman book. I love the style, the wit and humor, and the characters that draw you in and keep you. I've just read there's seven of these. I'll be working my migraine way through them. That's an inside joke. Read the book. That kind of word replacement has the tendency to get a little dull as it continues. This one was managed just right. I will never be able to look at the word migraine in the same way again, in a good way.

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