Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Riddle of Prague by Laura DeBruce

Hana Silna is barely eighteen and on her way to Prague to meet the family. The government has returned her mother’s home and someone needs to be there to sign, but Hana’s mother is in the hospital awaiting a surgery that can’t be rescheduled. How Hana wishes her mother was beside her for the trip. Sure, she’ll be met by family, but they are people she’s only heard of. No one she’s ever met.

That feeling doesn’t last long. When the house is broken into, Michal is shot, and another man dies, and Hana is glad her mother isn’t anywhere near Prague and in no condition to pick up the phone and hear how her daughter has found an old letter leading to a treasure that a very dangerous man is willing to kill for.

But which man, and why?

This was an exciting read. The action and the mystery move the story along at a good pace, never leaving me reading details I didn’t think were necessary or wishing I was getting more, as can sometimes happen in a YA read. In fact, even though the main character is a young girl, I didn’t think of this book as too young for me at all – and I’m fifty.

The story takes us through some interesting history. How can it not, being set in Prague? We get a mystery begun four hundred years past with Edward Kelley and John Dee that continues on into a second book. I didn’t want the first one to end, but the loose ends were wrapped up and the adventure into Paris an all new quest. I’ll be looking for book two.

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