Thursday, June 11, 2015

Edge of the World by Zeece Lugo

And the short stories continue...

Edge of the World is from the world build of Daniel's fork. I did like this story - We meet the three friends, Will, Jonas, and Gabby before they come to Daniel's fork. When they are still three, not four, and fighting wild men outside of York City, what used to New York City before the apocalypse. We see up close the return of the land to nature, the running amok of some men, and the drastic actions those fighting to return a raw land to civilization.

What we really get to see in an insight into what makes Gabby tick. I have to admit, I was expecting this to be a continuation of books one and two. It isn't. It's a prequel. In that regard, I was initially disappointed. I got over it as I read, wishing only that the story had been longer. Hopefully I won't have long to wait for the story I'm really looking forward to.
In the meantime I have Strongheart's Woman to look forward to.

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