Sunday, May 24, 2015

Decision and Secrets by Donna Fernstrom

More short stories based on Fernstrom's Vampire books.

Decision gives us a deeply personal look at a burgeoning relationship between Dave and his donor, Kel. In the Worldwalkers world build, Vampires have relinquished their murderous ways, choosing to find a better way to live among their human counterparts. Decision shows us how close the act of feeding is between Vampire and donor, especially when the donor is falling in love with his vamp. The M/M scenes are handled very well. A short, enjoyable read.

Secrets by Donna Fernstrom. An Interesting Twist on Vampire Mythology

 This a short story from inside the Worldwalker Universe. Tina has met the man of her dreams, but he steps out at night, she doesn't always know where he is, and he is very secretive about it. Then comes the phone call no one ever wants to get. The kind that sends a woman running to the hospital hoping for the best, but fearing the worst. She isn't family. She can't see him, but she can call his sister, the one she's never met.

 And that fast Mark's secrets begin to unfurl around her.

 Sometimes ignorance can truly be bliss, a point this short story makes all too well. Tina ends up having to deal with much more than a wounded boyfriend. The emotional rollercoaster she rides is well oiled without being overly dramatic. The characters are well developed in a very short space. I enjoyed this tale. It made me want to read Fernstrom's book, Sorrows, the same world build this short is set in. 

I'm a vampire fan from the old days when they were soulless predators and not much more. Fernstrom's humanizing take on them grew on me with each sentence. It's a logical progression for a species bent on surviving.

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