Sunday, February 8, 2015

Silver Tongue by Evelyn Ink

Belin has a few problems. She’s engaged to the Crown Prince of the realm – and doesn’t want to be. It seems her ability to diplomatically smooth over her friend Chloe’s verbal gaffes and being overly nice to the prince to compensate for not actually liking him have both worked against her. How does one go about turning down a future king? It simply isn’t done.
The young man she is in love with treats her like a little sister and when she determines to run away from it all, Belin finds out firsthand what’s happening to all the youths going missing in the realm. Posing as her maid to make her get away, she is kidnapped by the rebel force that’s seeking to overthrow the current king. Unsure whether being found out to be from a family of consequence will work for her or against her, Belin stills that tongue of hers and falls in line with the other girls to work the mines.

But she doesn’t curl up and whine. Belin puts some callouses on those hands, uses that silver tongue of hers to make some friends, and begins to plot how to stop a rebel army bent on revolution.

Silver Tongue is the second book of a series begun in Ill-Fated. I was expecting the characters from Ill-Fated to move forward with their next adventure. Instead, Ink delivered a second story inside the same fantasy world build. This one has an element of steampunk and like the first, action, action, action. The good guys are smart, tough and heroic – and the bad guys are working their devious plot. All of the characters are completely believable, fitting into the world and their roles effortlessly. This is YA well done.

The ending felt rushed a bit to me. I wanted more with Belin and Sender, but maybe I just wasn’t ready for the story to end. I love that I expected a completely different story and within a chapter realized I was just being silly. Can't wait for book three. There's a book three, right?


  1. Thanks for the great review, Lisa! Glad you enjoyed it.

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