Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stone Gods, by C.B. Pratt

Eno the Thracian is back! If you read Hero for Hire, you know what I'm talking about. Stone Gods finds Eno in route to see his mother. Even monster slayers get homesick, but Eno has a reason for seeking out the woman who bore him into this world. One of the Gods let it slip that Eno's father might not be of the mortal realm, and Eno decides to ask the only person he knows who can either corroborate or deny this claim.

Intent on getting the truth one way or another, he sets out for home only to find that the path to his homeland is besieged and that he's developed a sidekick - Naunet, Princess of Egypt, has been told by every seer she's spoken with that her fate lies in the hands of a barbarian. She's decided that's Eno. Between working out how to stay single and sirens, Eno finds his trip rerouted. But that's all right. He's in need of some good will with the Gods after killing Pan's daughters. Even Apollo thinks Egypt is a good idea.

Like the first book, this story is full of history, humor and action. I love how the history is tight, but the quips often reflect our own current culture. It's a lighthearted peek at the past following a character that's larger than life and not taking himself too seriously.

The next book is Dark Mountain. Going to have to get cracking - I have to know who Eno's father is!

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