Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hunter's Haven by Linda Thackeray

I ended the year needing to catch up to my Goodreads goal for the year and I'm still more in 'read mode' than 'write mode'. I finally made some serious progress on Crane's War, my upcoming Military Space Opera, yesterday. Hunter's Haven I finished on Wednesday. It's few books these days that tempt me to stay up past my bedtime, but this one did that. Great read!

John Hunter signed up to protect his country. Proving his abilities on the fields of war, he was quickly recruited to special ops - where he lost himself in the inanity of killing, feeling less like a man fighting for freedom and more like a killer for hire. If it weren't for the letters from a little sister desperate to connect with a much older big brother she barely knew, John felt he would have toppled over the edge.

He comes home to join the police force, still protecting those who needed it. He couldn't be bought, and when the gang lord killed his little sister as an act of retribution, Hunter let the rule of law fall away, and rampaged wielding the sword of revenge.

And then the plague decimated the world, leaving little to run from and nowhere to run to, Hunter roamed the highways. Until he heard of a place called Haven.

This story begins with Hunter's attack on the drug lord. I was immediately drawn in. If you like your heroes hard, gritty, and realistic this is a book for your TBR shelf. The action never stops, and while the story gets dark, you never have the feeling that what you're reading was written for shock value. This author either knows a veteran or is one - I have a hard time thinking this amount of realism: in details, hardware, and emotion, was written from searching the internet.

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