Saturday, November 15, 2014

Witch Song by Amber Argyle

It's time to get my read on. I have less than two months and I need to read ten books to meet my Goodreads goal. So I'm taking a break from solid writing and heading into solid reading mode. On to Witch Song.
Brusenna is a witch. The villagers all know that’s what she and her mother are, though they have no proof of this. That doesn’t stop the harassment. It is the witches of light that keep the seasons and the elements of the lands in balance, but lately droughts have cursed the lands - and the people of the village blame Brusenna and her mother. When Brusenna’s mother leaves to fight the Dark Witch to return balance to the elements, Brusenna is left alone, and vulnerable.

The Dark Witch is starving the lands and hunting the light. Her minions come to Brusenna’s village almost as soon as the girl’s mother leaves. She defeats them and with the help of the village sheriff who jails the men, Brusenna, or Senna, as she becomes, sets off to find her mother.

 Within days the huntsmen are out of jail and catch up. Senna is untrained in defense, but learns quickly, gets lucky, and has the help of a network that supported the light witches.


I liked the story. It’s YA, and don’t ask me how I keep ending up with young adult books - I’m not crazy about them. This book reminds me of a story, or perhaps several and I found that distracting in the beginning, as I kept trying to place the déjà vu and couldn’t. Pogg reminds me of Gollom from the Hobbit - not sure why. He’s a fish-person who helps Senna and introduces her to the creatures of the sea.

 The story was well done and flowed nicely. The sea creatures are a nice touch you don’t see (at least I haven’t) in fantasy stories often. For my tastes this story didn’t delve deeply into the character. It does read like young adult, and is appropriate for that category. I was in the mood for a gritty story I could sink my teeth into and this wasn’t that. It is a good read.

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