Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Writing: Off Track

So I've got this schedule. Saturdays are book review days. Except for yesterday, which became a writing day. I didn't notice until half an hour ago that I hadn't posted, that's how much of a writing day it became. I didn't even check my email yesterday. Oops.

It all started when I got part way through the first edit phase of Crane's War, a space opera I'm working on. I hate the first edit phase. It's my least favorite part of writing. If I didn't absolutely love the other parts, I know I'd never finish a manuscript. First edit phase is when the story comes back from the editor and all the observations are collected and organized and the story is reworked taking all those comments into mind. It's torture.

In true procrastinator fashion, I switched WIPs. I went as far from space opera as I could get and began the second draft work on a contemporary drama, Deciding Lies. It might turn out to be Romantic Suspense by the time I'm done, you never know. It has completely absorbed me this week. I'm at fifty eight thousand words. I have an ending in mind and I'm excited to get there. Kate and Brian are behaving badly and I'm totally loving it. They are imperfect, throwing caution and common sense to the wind as they let their passions take control. The theme, the destructive nature of lies, is coming together without a hitch. I have a cover in mind that doesn't feature a half naked man. I almost have a blurb. It's a little frightening how this project is coming together.

So I haven't finished reading a single thing but my own project. Thanks to the end of the year coming just around the corner and a Goodreads reading goal that I'm behind on, there will be a week that has three or four reviews in it. I'll be reading a book extolling the dangers of caffeine as I mainline coffee to stay awake into the wee hours, as if I were cramming for a college exam. I didn't even drink coffee back then. I had a well of natural energy that I've apparently used up.

I'm going to be looking for beta readers soon. If you read my previous post, you'll know what I look for in a beta reader, should that appeal to you. If not, that's fine. Hang around, I'll get a project finished that you can sink your teeth into, whether it be the space opera or the drama. I'm impressed that I came up with a story that lacked paranormal abilities and aliens. There isn't a single witch in sight in Deciding Lies, and part of it is set in Ireland.

And that's no tall tale.

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