Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward

It's another J.R. Ward book. I'm slowly working my way through the Brotherhood series. Lover Revealed is book four.
Butch is a human cop who’s been brought in as a friend of the Brotherhood - and he’s tired of sitting on the sidelines. When he comes across a civilian vampire being targeted by two lessers, he moves in to stop them. He’s doing fine. He doesn’t have a blade on, but…and then three more lessers show up and Butch wakes up tied to a torture table.

He’s been recognized as the human who works with the Black Dagger Brotherhood. When torture gets them nowhere, the Omega himself decides how best to use the man against his enemies. He slips a bit of himself inside the man. Butch is left in the woods, contaminated with the evil of the Omega, for the Brotherhood to find.

And they do. Vishous recognizes that something is wrong, and then the Scribe Virgin is there to guide him. Butch is transported to Havers’ clinic, but the prognosis is bad. Vishous calls Marissa, the vampire that Butch is in love with, knowing she’s the only one with a hope to pull Butch back from the brink.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this story as Butch and Marissa aren’t two of my favorite characters from previous books. They have this star crossed lover thing going on. Both of them are down on themselves; Butch never fit in to his family and as Wrath’s shunned shellan, Marissa is an outcast with the Vampire elite she belongs to. I couldn’t have predicted the direction this story would take. It’s a good story that surprised.

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