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Book Tour - City of Secrets by Aoife Marie Sheridan

                                                 Title: City of Secrets (Saskia Trilogy, #2)
                                                          Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan
                                                             Publisher: Synerg e-books

SaraJane finds herself in the middle of a war...a war over her. While in the City of Secrets, she must learn to use her powers that God gave her to defeat a fallen angel, who wants nothing more than to walk on earth. But will she stop Lucian, the fallen angel in time...even with Tristan and Carew at her side?

                                                            A war awaits her arrival,
                                                            A warrant for her arrest.
                                                          She must rise as a princess,
                                                             And Darkness shall fall.
                                                   But will their love survive this battle?
                                                           For Tristan and Sarajane.

                                                             Step back into Saskia.

Raised in the mortal world by a mother escaping the wrath of the queen of Saskia, Princess Sarajane has a lot to learn about the world she truly belongs in. Protected by her biological father, King Morrick, Sarajane must learn to fight, to use her magical affinities, and to navigate the politics of a world she could never have imagined existed.
City of Secrets is part two of the series begun with Eden Forest. Saskia, a parallel dimension to Earth created to imprison four fallen angels, is a world in which magic and intrigue abound. Sarajane finds herself at the center of a struggle for power inside this world and as one of great power and royal lineage, will either save a people she doesn’t quite see as hers, or fall with them.

The world build this trilogy revolves around is very interesting and imaginative. It has roots in Christianity, but delves off into the fantastic very quickly, yielding an obvious fantasy world with a great deal of plausibility. There is constant action and adventure as Sarajane is targeted by the queen Bellona and Lucian, the unrepentant demon she serves.
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                                    About the Author

Aoife Marie Sheridan is twenty eight years of age. She lives in Kells, Co, Meath, a small town just outside Navan. Aoife was raised in Navan, but left with her family at the age of sixteen. Aoife has always had a passion for writing, but mostly poetry. This is her first time to write a novel.
Aoife Marie Sheridan studied Accountancy and qualified as an accountant technician. She worked this profession for several years, but with economic turndown she was made redundant.
Aoife Marie Sheridan now works in retail as well as spending endless hours reading and writing.
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