Thursday, October 30, 2014

Welcome to the Author's Cave Halloween Blog Train

                    Welcome to the Author's Cave

                      Halloween Blog Train

1. Include a picture or video of yourself in a Halloween costume.
I do not have a picture of myself in a costume. If I were going to come up with a costume, it would look something like this.

2. What's your favorite scary movie?
Ringu. It's scary and it has a plot with a bit of mystery that goes beyond 'people died'.

3. What scene from a book or movie scared you more than any other?
I don’t actually have any specific scenes that stick with me that way. The most scared I’ve been because of a movie was after the very first slasher film I saw. I grew up fifty miles from the town where the murders that inspired Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood” happened. I can’t remember the name of the movie, but when I got home from my date, the house was dead quiet. My parents never go anywhere, especially when I’m out with a guy and there’s a curfew to be observed. Freaked me out. I made it as far as the dining room with a butcher knife before I bolted and drove myself into town.
4. If all of Stephen King's bad guys were after other, who would win and why?

I'm not a huge Stephen King fan. I would have to go with Christine because it's one of the few I've read, it features a cool car that regenerates, and since it is metal, it feels no pain. She's just going to run you over to a worthy ballad like a bad girl should.

5. Give a Treat!

  Witch Fingers

1 c. butter                                    2 2/3 flour

1 c. powdered sugar                     1 tsp baking powder                  

1 egg                                           ¾ c. whole almonds

1 tsp almond extract                     1 tube of red decorating gel

1tsp vanilla                                           Preheat oven to 325

Beat first column of ingredients together then slowly beat in remaining flour and baking powder.

Use wax paper to roll a heaping tsp of dough into the shape of a finger. Pinch near the end and near the center to create knuckles. You can etch wrinkles in if desired.

Put an almond at one end for the fingernail and bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until golden brown. The blunt end can be dipped in the decorating gel to resemble blood, or you can remove the almond, fill the depression with gel and replace the almond, making the gel ooze around the ‘nail’. You can also color the dough with food coloring for a different ‘skin tone’.
6. Provide an elevator pitch for one of your books.
Girl Found: It's a novel of paranormal suspense. A girl who can see the past when she touches objects has to decide if she's going to keep hiding or fight to return home.



7. Blog Train Halloween Story! Members of the train will follow in the order of their cars to complete the following Halloween story. Follow the train to see how the story goes and to get to know some new authors!

WHOA! If you are just starting the story train, click here to go to Train Car #1 for the beginning.

Buried Alive?

How does one kill a man who's already dead? Perhaps Lord Hampshire killed men in the war, but this was a quite different situation he found himself in. Dark magic permeated this affair, and none of it to do with me. He was, however, ensconced in this body with me, a female body.
Lord Hampshire felt his back go up. “Oh, I dare say she will.”
He’d noticed Barlow’s reaction to my defense. If I could kick the man, he could do more. Lord Hampshire reached for the rogue, imagining his hands around the man’s throat, his finger’s squeezing as the man’s face turned red, then purple, his tongue and eyes bulging…
For the next stop on the blog train and the rest of the story
-Lisa Hall

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  1. GIRL FOUND sounds like a great read! And I loved that you had Miss Wade and Lord Hampshire kick some Barlow-backside!

  2. Those treats are crazy!! Love it! And love your bit in the blog! :)