Sunday, October 19, 2014

No Heaven by Lex Allen

It's been a while since I spent most of a day reading, but today was that day. The book I finished in the morning was a bit of disappointment. The book I expected to only be starting tonight was anything but. It's been a while since I picked up a book and read it straight through.

Jack Schmidt, blogger and self-professed atheist drops a twenty onto a random bum, and gets a note in return. A note addressed specifically to him. A note that invites him to mass on Saturday.

Elizabeth Washburn, a theologian and author who has lost her faith, receives a note to meet Jack Schmidt at mass on Saturday, from a hippie attending one of her lectures.

The man they both meet claims to be Jesus. That Jesus. The Jesus And according to him, he hasn’t come back to fulfill biblical prophecy. He’s come back to set the record straight.

I opened this book thinking to read a couple chapters. I finished the book in one setting. No Heaven is a smart piece of speculative fiction, mixing elements of religion, quantum physics, and current events into an engaging read that encompasses a redefinition of humanity and history.
If you followed the Elevator Pitch series, this is a cover you'll recognize. I came across more than a couple of potentially good reads to explore. This was one of them.

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