Saturday, October 11, 2014

Night of the Living Deed, by E.J. Copperman

After a harassment lawsuit pays out, Alison Kirby buys an old Victorian house on the Jersey shore, thinking to turn it into a guest house, a business that would pay the bills for years to come. The house is in need of repair and Alison is on a schedule. She has to be. If the guest house isn't ready by April, she'll be paying a mortgage on a house she can't afford, but work done the previous day is undoing itself overnight. Alison can't imagine who's messing with her, until a bucket of joint compound falls on her head and her first 'guests' become apparent to her.

 She hadn't counted on spectral roommates. She hadn't expected to find out they'd died in the house, or that she was slated to be next.

This is a great little story. Well written and energetic with a light, humorous tone the story engages the reader as Alison finds out there's more to life, particularly hers, than she ever imagined. Alison Kirby is a capable, strong character. Her daughter Melissa is the not-so-typical nine year old and her mother drives a Dodge Viper. I admit to a certain amount of envy when it comes to the car.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is the first book in what becomes a paranormal detective series. E.J. Copperman has found a place on my reading list.

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