Sunday, October 5, 2014

Elevator Pitches 4: Show us Yours!

What's the one line you can throw out there when that question, "What's your book about?" comes up in mixed company? You have thirty seconds to hook them. Go!

Gemma Farrow, author of Under the Willow

"Thomas promised not to bury her deep, but he did. He swore to dig her up in eight days, he didn't. Now the nightmares have's much harder to keep his girlfriend buried in his mind."

Thomas loves Keziah. He'll do anything for her . . . at least he believes that. But all it takes is one shattering moment to change a belief; a few nights is more than enough to kill it. The world Thomas knows changes when he gets a phone call. It's Keziah. She's hurt. She's scared. She needs him. He gets Keziah home, but the horror has just begun. From that moment a darkling world embraces him. Keziah believes she has been bitten by a vampire. Thomas doesn't believe it. At first. But when one belief dies, it's because a new one is forming. As he fights to discount her story, Thomas tries to nurse her back to health, but it isn't working. He can no longer ignore the truth. She isn't solely Keziah anymore. Heartbroken, maddened, and hollow, Thomas has to make a difficult choice. Accept what his girlfriend has become or turn against her. Both choices demand a high price, but which is Thomas willing to pay?


Ginger Gelshiemer, author of The Dark Days

"The Dark Days explores the disaster that led to the formation of the thirteen districts and inevitably the rebellion. She will change everything you think about the games."

Inspired by a Hunger Games prequel. Want to know what could have caused the formation of the 13 districts and what led to Game 1? This is that story.

End of the World - Episode 1: Nineteen-year old Claudia Sheeplord is aboard an airplane flying to Denver when she discovers that all attempts to destroy the Death Asteroid before it hits Earth have failed.

While still in the air, one of the asteroid masses hits Earth. The sky turns dark, full of particles. When Claudia lands, chaos has flooded the airport. She makes a promise to her new friend, a 13-year old tinkerer named Benjamin Willoby, and together they must fight their way through the destruction and find their own means of survival before it's too late.


Heather Osborne, author of Illicit Corruption

"Promises of passion and new adventures turn sinister in this dark, erotic thriller."

Into Christine's day to day drudgery, secret messages begin to arrive. A strange yet tantalizing man sends her notes, dripping with promises of a better and more fulfilling life, filled with exotic adventures and dark pleasures, hers for the taking. Certain that she is meant for bigger things, Christine wants desperately to believe them. Even darker, however, are her admirer's secrets. Will this mysterious stranger be her savior or her doom?


Alan Steele, author of Plague Seed: Book One of the Plague Fall

"A hero is built, not born; forged in the fires of chaotic happenstance and tempered by fear."

Drayvus Varden, handsome elven scoundrel, assassin, and professional mischief maker, falls victim to a perilous case of mistaken identity and is forced to take a job escorting Katelyn Shar, the unfaithful wife of the regional governor, to the place of Dravyus’ birth—the elven forest, Oldenhome.

With her husband’s men giving chase, Drayvus, Katelyn, and the drunken dwarven priest Tahlkin bicker and snark their way south through the Wild Lands, as an army gathers in the north set to begin a war that will change the face of Talandria forever.

When Drayvus discovers that Katelyn is to play a part in the oncoming conflict, he is forced to either become a hero or let all he has ever loved wither and die—destroyed by the Plague Seed.

And that's all for this trip down the tower. Stay tuned, more coming Monday. Until then, keep reading, there's some great books out there.

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