Friday, October 3, 2014

Elevator Pitches 3: What's Your Book About?

If you've been following the series - and you should have, if for no other reason than there are great books to be found here - you know what the elevator pitch is, and if you're writer and you don't have one, you're working on one. Keep it around thirty seconds, conversational, and hook your listener. Want to see more examples of what real-life authors say when a stranger asks, "What's your book about?"

Jim Davis, author of No Tears for Jack

"A young widow and her children find an unlikely hero in a man who has been told by a psychic he has a year to live."

In this quirky romantic comedy, an elderly psychic, who has been missing for over thirty years, returns to help a bachelor who has everything a man could want, except love, family, and friends.

Jack Lamont, the co-anchor of a regional television station, is told to get a psychic reading for an upcoming broadcast. Not one to play fair, he plans to deceive his boss by claiming to have visited a psychic, reported missing for years.

There is only one problem with Jack's plan. Zelda's old trailer, preserved in its original location as the only tourist attraction in a small town over a hundred miles away, holds a huge surprise. Zelda has returned, and she is expecting him. Unfortunately, The Psychic Queen of Cricket Falls, does not have good news for Jack.

The lives of many are about to change, beginning with Jack's.


Claudette Alexander, author of Sunrise from an Icy Heart: A Memoir.

"A story of survival, determination, and the lower to smash through the fence of fear and fly."

Alexander chronicles her transformational journey into womanhood from age 22 to 59.

Her first love left her alone and pregnant. She searched for love but encountered stormy weather until her heart grew as frigid as the North American winters. It would take a special man to crack through her icy heart. After four failed relationships and two sons: Terence, as charming as a sunrise and Kriston, her sunshiny star, she struck gold with Malcolm whiles battling chronic kidney failure.

A story of survival and determination, from St. Lucia to Canada through a midst of rejections, abandonment and the power to smash through the fence of fear and fly.

A sensual, amusing, and fun read that will stimulate your senses, make you laugh, cry and learn some essential life lessons.

This book is intended for mature readers.


Chameleon, author of Three Days in Paradise.

"Sometimes, the only way to get back your life, is to lose it - literally."

After an accident leaves Dani stranded in the middle of nowhere, a helpful stranger happily drives her to Paradise. Though the residents are warm and friendly, and seemingly eager to make her happy there, she begins to suspect foul play as every means of leaving is blocked by one thing after another.
As she begins to experience a series of strange, supernatural events, she's convinced she's somehow managed to take a wrong turn off the main road of reality, and becomes increasingly alarmed as memories of her life before Paradise begin to fade.

   Her eventual escape from Paradise comes about in a most unusual way, and through no effort of her own. Once back home, she's compelled to unravel the mystery of Paradise, but as the frightening secrets are finally revealed, she'll stop at nothing to get back there.

Unfortunately, there's one thing standing in her way...


Lita Burke, author of Ephraim's Curious Device (Clockpunk Wizard, Book 2)

"A wizard seeks a magical thingummy to free his kidnapped familiar."

Wizard Kadmeion struggles with getting his magician-for-hire business off the ground. With their funds running low, and his familiar Furgo missing, the wizard and his clockmaker assistant Sir Bright answer a summons from a powerful local lord. Finally, they have a job.

Not true. His Lordship has kidnapped Furgo. Kadmeion must find the magical gadget called Ephraim’s Curious Device and use it to buy Furgo’s freedom. He and Bright have a few short weeks before the noble executes Kadmeion’s familiar.

With no information except a coded map, clues lead them to an oracle’s riddle with three impossible tasks. Even worse, they must go to one of the dying lands--a floating island heading for oblivion in the Rim Winds of their plate-shaped world. The island’s magic has soured, and Kadmeion struggles to save his companions and the island’s desperate fey-folk.

Fighting off seductive swamp inhabitants who feed on wizard’s flesh, and keeping His Lordship’s thick-witted bodyguards from getting them all killed, are constant inconveniences. Bloodthirsty harpies and worse opponents delay Kadmeion and Bright from locating Ephraim’s Curious Device and saving their kidnapped friend.

The wizard and his clockworks man know that time is not on their side. They must deliver Ephraim’s Curious Device to His Lordship before time runs out. If they fail, then tick tock. Furgo dies.

And that ends the third day of elevator travel. Stay tuned book fans, there's more to come on Sunday. Saturday's post will feature a review of this week's read, River Marked, by Patricia Briggs.

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