Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cobra Alliance by Timothy Zahn

 I moved my book reviews from Friday to Saturday. I know you were all wondering what was going on when it wasn't there as expected. Is she sick? Did she die? I hate considering that last option when people drop out of view suddenly, but it is an option, isn't it? Yes it is. 
Relax, I'm not dead, just rescheduling. Everyone breathe easier and stop stocking up on those green tree deodorizers from the twenty-four hour corner market. We won't be needing those hung on any fences around the neighborhood. Do you ever wonder exactly how bad a house has to smell before the neighbors call the police?No? Okay then. You must not be a writer. On to Cobra Alliance.

The Moreau family are the most famous of the Cobra’s, an elite fighting force implanted with deadly weapons that once allowed them to keep Troft invaders at bay. With the threat to humanity diminished, the necessity of the Cobra program is brought into question.

Jasmine Jin Moreau receives an anonymous message that draws her back to her original home world of Qasama, a place where Cobras, the demon fighters, are not welcome. She thinks the message is from an old friend, one now in need of her help, and she cannot, will not, turn away from an obligation. What she finds on Qasama is more than she counted on.

This is military sci-fi. The Qasama people are poorly disguised Arabic peoples from gender roles to names and speech patterns. I might understand more of this aspect if I had read the first set of books centered on the Cobras, although I have to say, it didn’t read like I stepped into the middle of a story. This is my first Zahn novel. It didn’t leave me chomping at the bit to continue on with the series, the characters were two dimensional and the detailing of the Qasaman culture I found a bit drawn out and boring, but all things considered it was a good read. I found the plot twist at the end intriguing in that it was a little on the abnormal side.
I'd read another Zahn book. Maybe not from the Cobra series.

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