Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Book to Movie: Practical Magic

So there's this post flitting around on facebook where by you're challenged to list fifteen movies that have left their mark on you without thinking about it or researching. On any list involving movies I like, Practical Magic has a fixed position. I'm on my second DVD copy, having totally destroyed the first one I watched the movie so often.

It was inevitable that I read the book. Some of you might want to take a deep breath before reading on.

Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic was well written, and boring as hell. The book and the movie had little in common. There are two sisters, one enjoying normal in suburbia while the other parties her way through life until accidentally killing her boyfriend and showing up at her sister's house hoping someone else will deal with her problem.

What magic there is in the book is so subtle you almost don't even notice. What amazes me the most is how anyone reading this book was able to come up with such a great story for the movie, and if they were capable of doing that, which they were, why they just didn't change the characters names and replace the dead boyfriend. There was nothing else in the movie that had anything in common with the book.

Even the book blurb, which is entirely enticing and superbly written, over promises on what the story delivers. Yes, the Owens women have been blamed for everything - and then they moved away to go on with their lives, to think only of it as an interesting bit of history no longer impacting them.

I have to say it. The movie version wins this one.

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