Saturday, September 20, 2014

Allie's War, J.C. Andrijeski

After catching her boyfriend with another woman, Allie Taylor goes after the woman - typical female reaction - with a bottle. Not so typical, but then neither is Allie. This isn’t the first time her temper has been a problem in strange ways that freaked her adoptive family out.
But she’s not an alien. She’s not one of those weird Seers, she’s been tested. There’s an H on her shoulder to prove it.
So why does strange stuff keep happening to her? Like the stalker she picked up at the parole office, a place she has to visit courtesy of the bottle incident. Tall, dark, and strange is the last thing Allie needs. When stalker man turns up at the diner where Allie works, her brother Jon goes into protection mode. But it’s the stalker who saves Allie from the authorities when her eyes begin to glow and Jon goes flying across the room.

The alternate world in Allie’s War is new and imaginative. The Seers are a telepathic people who are discovered by humans and virtually enslaved. Forced to register and wear a collar that neutralizes their abilities, they stage an uprising that fails. Humans live in fear of a second, similar event, many of them not realizing that not all Seers are on the collar end of the leash.
This is the first installment of a series. The social and political contexts evolving in the story are complex and fascinating. The abilities, culture, and history of the Seers is deep and developed. The plane of consciousness and reality the Seers can access is very detailed and well thought out.

This series is well underway, so no worries that you'll have to wait for future books to continue on with the story. You can pick these up one episode at a time or in bundles, and an episode isn't a chapter, it's a full book. More than enough material to get your read on.

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