Friday, August 29, 2014

Welcome to Hell by Demelza Carlton

Hell: The Offices of Heath, Environment, Life and Lands Corporation. Run by Lucifer, it is working on consolidating the power of government services under its wing, so to speak. Raphael needs an agent inside and Mel is his second choice. His first choice didn’t come back. Armed with Angel wings and her lucky bra, Mel faces down Lilith and a pair of demons only to run into Lucifer, er, Luce Iblis, literally on the way out.

Welcome to Hell is a short story that sets the stage for Carlton’s first book in the series, Mel Goes to Hell. Lucifer has escaped the pit and he’s taking on the modern world of business. This is a funny blend of the worlds of reality, myth, and the paranormal. Light in tone, funny, and just a tad bit racy.

This is a short story preview for her Welcome to Hell series. How many times have you said, "I'm working for Satan"? Well, Mel is. Angels and Demons bring the war in heaven to our plane, and get sucked into the nine to five right along with us in the process. It's great fun.

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