Friday, August 15, 2014

Lover Eternal, by J.R. Ward

Did I mention I was in a romance phase? Yeah, burning my way through the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, among others. These are fun, fast reads that also catches me up on my Goodreads commitment for the year. I like multitasking. On to the review.

The boys are back and the Lessers have shifted their game plan. They’re coming straight for the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and they’re using civilian vampires to do it. When Bella, one of those civilian vampires, runs across a young vampire at the house of a human friend, she isn’t sure what to make of him, and then she reads the name on the bracelet he made for himself. Tehrror, in the old language.

He’s a warrior and he’s alone in the human world. Bella does the only thing she can do, she calls the Brotherhood. When they tell her to bring him in she has no choice, nor does she have a choice when it comes to her friend, Mary Luce. The boy is mute, which means her friend Mary will have to come with them to translate. They aren’t supposed to be seen by anyone other than Tohrment, but wouldn’t you know it, Mary runs into Rhage, straight off a bender with his beast. He can't exactly see straight yet, but he likes the way she smells. He loves the sound of her voice. He pins her to a wall and makes her talk to him to ease the pain he’s in, and when she’s gone, he knows he has to see her again.

Mary and Rhage both carry something deadly inside them. Mary’s story in this book brought me to tears. The straight forward style Ward has with her characters told Mary’s tale of cancer and surviving without resorting to any sappy gimmicks. Rhage turns out to be quite a different character than expected from the first book. The angle with his beast worked quite well.

I appreciated the flow of this book much more than the first one. The storylines are still split. Not something I generally care for, but I’m warming up to it with this series as I get to know all the characters. This is really like being a fly on the wall as this group of people live their lives.

Can’t wait to read book three.

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