Friday, July 25, 2014

Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

Meet the Black Dagger Brotherhood, a warrior class of vampire that lives to protect the rest of their race. Led by Wrath, the blind Vampire king, these men are big, scary, and totally effective.

We step in to the story with a request for the King from Darius. His half human daughter is getting ready to transition, to become a vampire. At twenty five the equivalent of puberty is hitting a little late, but regardless, sexy Beth needs the blood of a male vampire to make it through.

Of course Beth knows nothing about this. After her mother died in childbirth she was raised inside the foster care system while her very rich father watched from the sidelines, because that was the only way he could come up with to protect her from his life. As a member of the Brotherhood, he's made some enemies. Paying a couple to raise his daughter never occurred to the guy.

The blind king rejects Darius's request, but then Darius gets blown up in a car bomb and now Wrath owes him so he seeks out his daughter to help with the transition. I don't think the orgasm was part of that, but hey, anything for a friend. Beth doesn't know what to do with this guy - she's never really been turned on sexually before, not like she is with him, but he looks like a gangster. All that black leather - he has to be a drug dealer - what is she thinking?

It's an Urban Fantasy Romance, which generally translates to - don't examine the motivations and plot too closely, we've got a destination to hit. That destination is the two main characters hitting it off to provide us all with some steamy scenes and this book definitely delivered on that score. While I could point out a few other things about the plot, I don't want to. We get to see a lot of the Brotherhood in this book, and those guys are plain fun to read. Even though they're three hundred years old, they have managed to stay very up on cultural changes. Think Marines with no C.O. at a frat party.
Ward puts an interesting twist on the vampire blood drinking mythos by making it really only do them any good if they're drinking from another vampire of the opposite sex. Makes for a good story. Not very practical - but who reads romance to be practical, right?



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